Treatments against Legionella




Our water and air quality control department guarantees the prevention of health risks generated by bad air quality or contaminated water.


Our environmental hygiene services include

Initial diagnosis: A test is carried out by specialist technicians to come up with a proposal and action plan.

Estimation: An estimate is given according with the plan of action and which is adjusted to the required technical specifications.

Hygiene book: A Hygiene Book of the facility is elaborated, including an exhaustive description of the facility, documents adapted to the current rulings, technical safety forms and work protocols, and archive of tests and reports.

Treatment against Legionella

Treatment against Legionella:



Legionella is an environmental bacteria which is widely extended in natural aquatic atmospheres, found in small concentrations, without risk to people’s health, and being able to survive in diverse environmental conditions.

If its concentration rises, it means a risk to people, especially when passing into the city’s supply systems. These could be:

  • Human consumption cold water circuits
  • Sanitary hot water
  • Refrigeration towers
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Jacuzzi tubs
  • Evaporative conditioners
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire protection water supply
  • Ornamental fountains

Which conditions benefit legionella?

Frequently the installations at risk of contracting legionella have amplified systems which collect the necessary conditions for the multiplication of the bacteria:

  • Water temperature between 25 and 45ºC
  • Presence of organic matter
  • Presence of corrosive products and cal incrustations.
  • Stagnant water

These conditions produce the proliferation of bacteria until reaching levels capable of causing illness in people. From these installations, legionella can infect people if such water is sprayed, because the bacteria is transported through the air in micro-drops and inhaled by people.

The transmission is via air, and the risks of getting sick by drinking water contaminated by legionella nor its contamination from person to person haven’t been proved.

Legionella control

TRIMA complies with all of the necessary requisits to carry out the necessary Legionella treatments, adjusted to the Royal Decree 865/2003, and solve any incident, as well as possible inspections which may arise by the competent organizations:

  • Preventative disinfection
  • Water treatment
  • Sanitization of towers
  • Ventillation and acclimatization systems
  • Cleaning of water tanks


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