Wood Treatment




At Trima we treat wood with the latest technologies so that it’s resistant to the pass of time, climatic and atmospheric factors as well as the attack of insects and other agents which can damage it- These circumstances can be avoided with the application of a protective product and an adequate in-depth application such as the Trima Autoclave treatment.

It consists in an in-depth treatment of the wood (in double vacuum Autoclave), where all of the wood’s sap is treated and acquires a durability factor which makes it highly competitive with regard to other industrial materials, thanks to its uncountable amount of benefits, as well as its noble presence:

  • With the auto-key priming durable and protective characteristics can be given to the treated wood.
  • This way a comprehensive treatment of the introduced piece is produced which protects it better than in any other way against the attacks of insects, mould and blueing.

Also it provides waterproofing characteristics, regulating the dimensional changes caused by humidity.


Benefits of autoclave treated wood

  • It acquires insecticide, fungicide and waterproofing protection.
  • Gives dimensional stability to the wood
  • Keeps its initial tone
  • Can be painted or varnished
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Wood dries in just a couple of hours
  • It’s doesn’t corrode metals nor does it degrade plastics
  • It’s compatible with almost every glue
  • It’s water repellent
  • It doesn’t bloat

In the Trima Autoclave any kind of wood, piece or furniture can be primed providing its maxixmum dimensions are 800 x 120 x 120cm.

Autoclave treatment

Wood autoclave treatment services:


Painted in Autoclave


  • The priming in auto-key in an initial phase gives characteristics of duration and protection of the wood worked with.
  • In a second phase the standard of the quality of the wood is raised adding aesthetical characteristics to the wood such as tone, correction of possible defects and irregularities and the exaltation of the typical woodgrain of each essence.

These products, as well as being convenient, make the surfaces treated more appreciable under the aesthetical and touch aspect.


Treatment of the clients installations

At Trima we travel to installations, client’s properties, to carry out any kind of treatment to wood against insects such as termites, hylotropes and wood-worm.

To eradicate these kind of pests we use a new bait system which eradicates the colony completely, avoiding the use of toxic products which can be harmful for our health as well as to the area to be treated.

We carry out the treatment and consequently we follow it up to see if the system has been effective, and if so we carry out a last visit to make sure there are no signs of existing pests.

We carry out preventative treatment to avoid termites and wood-worm from affecting structures, beams, frames, flooring, etc.


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